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Who We Support

We are committed to contributing to organisations that make a difference to people and the world.

The WOLFY Foundation

The Wolfy Foundation

Brain cancer kills more children than any other cancer. It is also the leading cause of cancer death in adults aged under 40 in Australia. Yet very little is known about brain cancer, its causes or how to treat it.

Brain cancer mortality rates and survival rates have hardly changed for 30 years, despite significant increases in survival for Australians diagnosed with other types of cancer, such as leukemia and breast cancer. Brain cancer costs more per patient than any other cancer, yet only receives a small fraction of cancer research funding.

The Wolfy Foundation has been formed in memory of David Wolf who, at aged 23 lost his battle with brain cancer. The Foundation’s objectives are to raise funds and to raise awareness about brain cancer.

Mingaletta Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Corporation

The wonderful Aunties at Mingaletta educate and care for our people.  They are inspiring generous Elders who have a wealth of wisdom.