Texta White Liquid Chalk Marker

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A dry erase, chalk, window marker that has a 4mm bullet tip.

Ideal for writing on most non-porous or glossy surfaces.

Add colour and draw attention to window displays and promotions.

A white liquid chalk marker that easily erases with a dry cloth.

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Texta White Liquid Chalk Marker can be used to write on virtually any non-porous surface. They are ideal for writing on gloss surfaces including whiteboards, metal, ceramics, glass and windows.

Perfect for decorating windows for special occasions, shop fronts for displays or promotions. They also add style and draw attention with their bold, bright colours and can be easily wiped off with a dry cloth.


The Texta White Liquid Chalk MarkerĀ ink can easily be dry erased for re-use. For permanent results the markers can also be used on chalkboards. Making them perfect for use in cafes and retail environments or schools as well as offices.
  • These markers have a bullet tip for ease of writing.
  • They’re perfect for temporary writing on glossy surfaces or permanent results on chalkboards.
  • The water based ink dries quickly and produces vibrant, colourful results.
  • Each pen also has a traditional round barrel.


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