What is the Silverscreen February Appeal?

For each Silverscreen Designer glass whiteboard sold within the month of February, a percentage of that sale will be donated to The Wolfy Foundation in hope to find the cure for brain cancer. Any additional donations will be accepted and appreciated here.

You can also visit the website for more information here.

Why The Wolfy Foundation is so important to us

“It is nearly 5 years since Davey died and I think of him every day and it is still painful.

Iain’s nephew Robbie is probably the longest surviving brain cancer patient and he really is a miracle.  He is now 27 and was diagnosed when he was 4. Last year, Amanda, our friend and optometrist here in Gosford was diagnosed with brain cancer.  She is around 45 with a young son and she is an inspiration and also a miracle.

As the cure will be found with funds for research, then we have to find a way to  fund the cure in the only way possible.

The only thing we can do with this sorrow is to stop this happening to other families.
– Patti Wolf (David’s Aunt and Godmother)

What is The Wolfy Foundation?

The Wolfy Foundation honours the life of David Wolf by serving people living with brain cancer – their families and friends. David lost his life to brain cancer at the age of 23.

Every donation dollar is distributed to registered charitable organisations whose activities fall into one of the following categories:

  1. Seeking a cure for brain cancer – principally, Cure Brain Cancer Foundation
  2. Providing palliative care and counseling to young adults stricken with the disease
  3. Providing guidance, information, counseling and support to patients and their families

The Wolfy Foundation is a registered and accredited charity to afford all donors the benefit of tax deductibility.

The Silverscreen February Appeal — raising funds for Brain Cancer research. Find out about it here Dismiss