Whiteboard markers don’t work?

Recently we have had lots of puzzled people calling us and saying “Whiteboard markers don’t work?”

However we think we may know the answer to ‘Why have my whiteboard markers or dry eraser markers stopped working on my glass whiteboard?”

We always ask, ‘Have you been using whiteboard cleaner fluid?” and they have!

We believe that this fluid leaves a film over the glass which stops the markers from working properly. Yet there may be other aspects. Another reason may be if that the user may have their glass whiteboard located in a kitchen which may result in oils being left on the glass.

The Solution:  Give the glass whiteboard a good clean with Methylated Spirits to remove the film that has been left by the cleaner.

Don’t use that cleaner – generally it has health warnings and it isn’t necessary.  All that you need to keep your Silverscreen Glassboard perfect is water, or a window cleaner like Windex.

To see the markers we recommend to use for our glass whiteboards click here. Furthermore, to see these markers being used in action click here. The markers are demonstrated to showcase how easy these markers are to erase.