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We want Silverscreen Designer Glass Whiteboards to display inspiring ideas that change your world.


The Journey

In 2008, Silverscreen leapt from the old fashioned whiteboard which was riddled with faded markings from the last presentation, to the beautiful, pristine Glass Whiteboard.

Now there is a new leap by Silverscreen – the Glass Whiteboard that ‘disappears’ into the wall behind it, leaving the old whiteboard completely in the past.

All of our Glassboards are custom made, here in Australia, in Australian glass.  This gives you the opportunity to not only choose your size but your colour, including matching your white Silverscreen to your white wall.

This creates the most beautiful platform for Ideas and People to innovate, perform and flourish. Read more…

Why we exist


We specialise in custom made boards for large or small projects – in fact, this is what we love best.


Our clients are innovative, high end people, who appreciate being surrounded by style and class


Our commitment to you is that every moment you spend using your glass whiteboard, the experience is sheer pleasure, and pride.

What our Clients are saying

“We couldn’t be happier with our new glass board! Wisenet is a software development company for training organisations, and our programmers love the quality of the glassboard for drawing their complex schematics and notes, which look much clearer than on a regular whiteboard. The product and fixtures are excellent quality, the ordering process was easy, and installation was a piece of cake thanks to the detailed instructions and template. Thanks to Patti and the Team for a great customer experience!”

David Simmons


“Having been asked by Iain and Patti to look at how we can recycle the waste timber from their factory, we developed a prototype easel glassboard. They are not not getting it back, it is now in use in the factory for brainstorming production details. The details are so clear and easy to capture. It has reduced our lead times and administration costs and errors, I expect . Details can be developed, captured and actioned on the floor giving the staff much better ownership and engagement in the process. We are genuinely delighted with the outcome, thanks.”

Bruce Cottrill

Bib’n Brace

“I just wanted to send a giant THANK YOU for getting that board done on time! I gave you an almost impossible timeframe and somehow you delivered and delivered fabulously, just four hours before my first class. In your own way you’re doing wonders for the world. It’s so beautiful.”

Isuru Wanasinghe

Life of Wilo

When teaching students, I am constantly using my glass whiteboard to demonstrate ideas and concepts. At the end of the lesson they just take a snapshot away with them and I wipe the board clean with a damp cloth…. no chemicals!! It combines sleek style with practical functionality and has become an indispensable tool in my music studio. I love it!

Mark Marriott

Apollo Music

“There have been (and more today even) ideas to change the world that have been written up on the boards already and plenty more to come I am sure. Thank you for working (very hard) with me to have the beautiful boards up in our fabulous new space. I appreciate the extra mile you went for us/me.”

Emma Blok

Shirlaws Coaching

More Client stories

There are more stories like this. Visit our client testimonials page, where our clients express appreciation for their glass whiteboards and the service they received.

Our Clients Include

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