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What Is The Difference Between Classic Glass And True Colour Glass?

Classic glass has a slight green tint, which comes from the iron content of the glass. With regular classic glass, white displays a slight green tint, yellow becomes green, pink becomes grey, blue becomes green. Glassboards of darker colours, like black or red, are not effected by the green tint.

True colour or Low Iron glass is classic glass that has been processed to remove the slight blue/green tinge that is associated with regular classic glass. This tinge alters the appearance of some colours. So white becomes slightly blue/green, and yellow becomes green etc. However true colour glass has no tint, so white appears ‘whiteboard white’ etc. See the video

How Do You Determine The Size Of The Logo?

We usually make the logo 10% of the length of the glass whiteboard, proportioned to your logo’s dimensions.

How Long Will It Take To Manufacture My Glass Whiteboard?

Your Glass Whiteboard is lovingly built for you, by us, and to your specifications. Because every order is unique, we will discuss a timeframe with you when you place your order, and we will do everything we can to ensure we deliver your product on time.

Do Regular Fridge Magnets Work On Your Magnetic Glassboards?

Regular magnets don’t work on our Glassboards. The magnets need to have the strength to go through 4mm to 6mm of glass. However, you can attach regular fridge magnets to the ones that we supply.

How Do I Clean The Glassboard?

You can wipe off the ink with any cloth. See our Blog. If permanent marker is used in error – use methylated spirit to bring your SilverScreen Designer Glassboard back to its original perfect state.


We can arrange installation for you. Installation is easily done by a competent, handy–person. If you would like to install yourself, we supply you with clear detailed instructions with your order.

Can Your Glassboards Be Mounted Onto Plasterboard Walls?

Yes, our fittings work perfectly with plasterboard walls which don’t need reinforcement.