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Steve from H2O Architects called me in January looking to create glassboards for La Trobe University.

Discussing all the options we came up with 3 glassboards, mounted with Silicon and butted up against each other with just a small gap between each panel.

Steve also wanted to have 1 magnetic piece so we placed this one in the middle.

I also sent him a sample gift so that both he and his client could take a look at the product.

Later Steve emailed me and asked about shelving for this design. He had already come up with the design and together we came up with the solution that was simpler and cheaper.

When the tender documents arrived, my first thought was ‘Wow this architect knows exactly what he is doing’ and when I looked at the documents again, I realised it was Steve.

Patti and the team at Silverscreen have a great range of glassboards to choose from.

Patti provided very useful information which helped us to specify the right type of Glass board our client was after.

We look forward to seeing our Glassboards soon!

Steve Vidovic, Architect
H2o Architects

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