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Collection: Patient Care Glassboards

Purpose built for patient care in hospital environments.


Patient Care Glassboards

These Glassboards are designed specifically to your needs. Over the past years we have printed and affixed patient information to Glassboards such as Box Hill Hospital in Melbourne. These can also be manufactured with a magnetic feature.

Patient care Glassboards with replacement insert

We also manufacture Replaceable Insert Glassboards on which we have an international patent lodged. These boards are also designed specifically to your needs and are particularly useful in environments where the background may need to be changed, either regularly or in the future. These are being used in Royal Children’s Hospital and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre, Melbourne and St Lukes Private Hospital in Sydney.

Additionally we manufacture these Glassboards with a whiteboard marker holder incorporated into the design.

We initially came across Patti’s designer glass boards when we visited Eastern Health’s new Box Hill Hospital. We loved the sleek design and the ability to customise them by simply changing the insert.

Having previously worked with permanently etched white boards this flexibility was a real plus. The team at Designer Glass Boards could not have been more generous with their time, samples and assistance through the specification and quoting stages and their turn-around time on any questions was so fast.

The customer service we experienced in the pre order phase was second to none with our team commenting that we hoped we got approval on the purchase because they really deserved to win the job.

Despite placing our order at the very last minute Patti and her team moved mountains to make sure they were available in Melbourne in time for our first patients to enjoy using them. We could not speak more highly of the quality of the product nor the pre and post service experience of working with Designer Glass Boards and would be very confident in recommending the product and the company to any business.



Our Clients Include

All design and collaboration with hospitals is conducted with disease control and prevention in mind.

The Benefit Of Glassboards Over The Regular Whiteboard

Regular Whiteboard

  • Deteriorates in appearance, with shadowing of previous writing, smudges, scratches and dents.
  • Requires chemical cleaners which have health warnings.
  • Require resurfacing or replacement.
  • Frames attract dirt and dust


  • Pristine appearance over time.
  • Cleans perfectly with eraser or damp cloth or at most a window cleaner.
  • One-time investment.

Patient Care Glassboard

  • Pristine appearance over time.
  • Cleans perfectly with eraser or damp cloth or at most a window cleaner.
  • One-time investment with the ability to change background data any time.
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