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SilverScreen Projects

Acciona Infrastructure

We have first installed glass walls for Acciona back in 2015 and then we they moved offices to O’Connell Street, they contacted us and we were delighted to work with them again.

We measured the spaces in each office as well as the boardroom and they chose their colour to match the wall paint.

They have been amazing to us. They allowed us to bring a photographer into their boardroom to take photos.

On a later occasion they allowed us to film Stephen Evans doing his masterpiece on their boardroom wall. You can see it here.


LION are a major alcohol brand in Olympic Park NSW. We had a call from them to discuss a glass wall in one of their office spaces. For this type of thing, we need to do a site measure and consultation by one of our amazing installers.

So our wonderful Sydney installer went out to meet them, measured the wall and the access. Access is one of the important considerations when it comes to glass deliveries as we need a clear passage to avoid breakages. Also once toughened, glass cannot be recut so it is critical for us to know that access is good.

This becomes a balance between giving people what they want and our ability to deliver.

Once we had the measurements, we started working with LionCO about their colour choices and they chose the most beautiful combination.

We delivered the glass – it was the tightest of squeezes up a flight of stairs in their offices but we got it in.

The final result made us so happy.

Work in progress

Replaceable Background / Lean Manufacturing and Hospitals

Way back in 2013 we received a phone call from the superintendent of a BHP mine in Northern Queensland.

Given that they do a 24 hour shift, the mine needed Glassboards where A3 paper can be slid behind the glass, giving people the ability to view and change important data regularly plus write on the glass.

We said ‘of course we can create this for you’ while thinking ‘how on earth are we going to do this?’ So we began thinking this through, sending samples for approval and finally we created them. The superintendent won an award for his design and we patented the invention.

This then modified to all kinds of configurations and designs, especially for hospitals where a patient may not have English as a first language.