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Interactive Glass Whiteboard

Have you been looking for an interactive glass whiteboard which suits projection and gives you crisp images?
Customers have been asking for interactive glass whiteboard which can be used for projection since 2011 and we have been committed to this since then. We have been testing various glass whiteboard products with Hitachi Australia. Each time we presented Hitachi with a glass whiteboard, their feedback was that there was too much reflection and the images faded. We tried various products, we got closer and closer, until last last year they said Yes!! This is the ultimate glass whiteboard, on which you can project an image from ultra short throw projectors or table-top projectors and you will be able to use this as an interactive whiteboard. In addition, it is a magnetic glass whiteboard which has the ability to hold regular fridge magnets. We finally have this fantastic product, size 1770 x 1170, so email us if this is something that you would be interested in.