Expo Neon Window Markers

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Fun, vibrant neon colours, perfect for use on our Glassboards. We have found that these are the only liquid chalk type markers that are easily erasable.

The bright, vivid ink is specially formulated for low-odor glass whiteboard markers.

Durable bullet tip allows for broad, thick lines that are easy to see from a distance.

The pack contains an assortment of 5 neon colours.

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Expo Neon Window Markers contain low odour dry erase ink, perfect for use on our Glassboards, especially useful if you have black or dark coloured glassboards.

Each marker contains vibrant, pigmented ink that is is specially formulated for glass whiteboard markers.

The pens have a tough polypropylene barrel construction and a durable polyester nib.

You can leave the markers uncapped for up to 15 minutes without them drying out.

The pack contains an assortment of neon colours so you can brighten up your writing.

Certified AP Nontoxic ink conforms to ASTM D-4236.

Store markers horizontally for best results and longevity.

See our road tested whiteboard markers here.


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