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In Search of Beauty & Functionality

In search of beauty and functionality, I notice a wall in the office, sits idle, in isolation, quite useless other than separating one room from the other, a huge blank space, staring in desperation, lonely, desiring attention. As a professional Marketer, engaging clients on a daily basis, responsible for brands, ideas, brainstorming, notes, reminders and a raft of other necessary content, the search was on to find a whiteboard that would not only become the conduit to the placement of these ideas, but also needed to maintain a particular level of flair and style, congruent with the brand (and of course the décor!). Put simply, a poxy white, aluminium framed whiteboard, with notes etched from yesteryear, and memories of Year 7 Science class didn’t reign appropriate. So the search began. Having used the glass windows of a previous office before for scribbling, there was no doubt that a glass whiteboard solution existed, the question was, whether or not a glass whiteboard existed that met a particular criteria I was searching for. A few seconds on Google searching for “Glass Whiteboard” and along came SilverScreen Glass Whiteboards. From initial perusal, it was evident this wasn’t any old whiteboard manufacturer, having been presented with stunning compositions of engineering, design and colour; fit, form and function in it’s true sense, it was time to explore some choices – enter a beautiful e-commerce system. And so, the selection began with myriad choices – toughened glass whiteboard, Low Iron glass whiteboard, magnetic glass whiteboard, mobile glass whiteboard, glass pen shelf. The best was required; after all, your brand is just like your name and needs to be represented accordingly. It took one sentence to establish that a Magnetic (of course) Low Iron Glass Whiteboard was the product of choice, it’s the superior product, a toughed glass where the manufacturing process removes that “green tint” that you would normally get with toughened glass. And, better yet, it’s MAGNETIC!. Given that a pure white background was required, the last thing desired would be a green tinge! A quick selection from a drop down box exposed the desired size – 2400mm x 1200mm, noted however was a little question mark next to the box which advised that if the desired size was not present that a quote could be requested and the PERFECT glass whiteboard could be made to my choosing. The process only continued to get easier; white was the colour of choice, it was to be mounted on a gyprock wall inside a home office, landscape would be the best orientation and THEN, the highlight of selection appeared in the form of “+ Add your logo” – this was a no brainer (and probably the coolest thing ever!). With logo uploaded and quantity selected, it was added to cart and well, just like expected, and order took place. The experience only continued to get better. The day of delivery and installation arrived, the blank wall in the office yearning to be put to use needed to wait no longer. Greeted with professionalism, and presence, two friendly gentlemen came in to take a look at the desired location, with somewhat a bit of a tight working space, but nonetheless enough room to get the job done. With care and precision, the “Pièce de résistance” entered the room, meticulously manufactured and clean, donning the logo and waiting patiently to be to used. With drop sheets laid to catch the dust, careful planning, marking and levelling with the use of a clever template went into finding the perfect position for this work of art. Before to long the holes were drilled, wall anchors were installed to take the weight. Each precision machined, “stand-off’” was screwed in tightly, waiting for the glass whiteboard to be mounted upon them. It was the moment of truth, and time for the wall to be bare no longer, lifted into place, this beautiful glass whiteboard adorned the wall. Logo in place, glass pen shelf installed, each standoff tightened and secured, surely the job was done right? Wrong. Out came the glass cleaner and a rag, as the already spotless glass whiteboard was cleaned to perfection, ensuring not so much as a smidgen of a fingerprint or mark was present. This level of service was second-to-none, and admittedly quite unexpected, whilst the gentleman removed the drop sheet, vacuumed the floor, checked to make sure there were no further marks or prints and they tidied packed up to leave, there was one last thing, like the ceremonial torch relay, a pack of four, perfectly suited whiteboard markers were handed over, unexpectedly a gift, enabling immediate use of one of the finest pieces of décor ever to grace an office.