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Beautiful glass whiteboards for study area with colour specialist

Colour Specialist Glass Whiteboards

Marianne had renovated her house and wanted 4 beautiful glass whiteboards for her study area. Bearing in mind that she has 3 young children. Our client needed to be really sure that the colours were attractive and matched her decor, but did not know how to go about the colour selection. We had this great idea (because we are about ideas and people). We introduced Marianne to Samantha Bacon Colour Specialist http://www.samanthabacon.com.au/. Marianne and Samantha did a Skype call so that Samantha could see the whole space. Samantha came up with these beautiful colours. Almost a year ago that this was done, so when we went to do a photo shoot the glassboards were covered in the children's artwork and school work. Then we removed the artwork, cleaned the boards and this is how they look.